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Pico Olo Design

We design in-house and collaborate with local artists to bring about the latest modern art products you can find for adults and kids alike. Our goal is create products worthy of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)'s design shop.
One day we will get there.

Turning everyday products a little extraordinary.


Pico Olo’s wall stickers can be classified as anything you’d like them to be - pretty, chic, classy, modern, colorful, artsy, for kids, for adults, for the living room, the dining, the bedroom, the entertainment/gym room.. It’s so unique and versatile you can turn them into absolutely anything you’d like them to be! It’s a must-have in all household, all you need is a white wall 😍

Jermaine B.

These puzzles by a local artist are so beautiful and vibrant! It’s satisfying to see it complete and a great way to spend time with friends and family.

Li Syuen C.

Can't wait to have this on my dulang hantaran! Lucky for me, I saw Bono mentioned that her artwork will be produced as a puzzle. That's one unique item I neeeeeed to have! An artwork for the house and a puzzle to do with the love of my life, it's just perfect!

Aina J.

I’ve always had to crack my head to think of the right gift for someone dear to me. Now, with Pico Olo’s good quality plastic puzzle that comes in different designs, I’ve been giving a few to my dear ones. Thank you for the brilliant gift idea Pico Olo!

Jermaine B.

Really happy with the puzzle, everything is perfect from the box to the puzzle itself, giving you the premium experience. The box is matte and the design is very clean. The puzzle is made using high quality plastic with fine cutting and it's easy to handle.

Markous W.

After leaving the white walls in my daughter's room empty for two years, I decided to try out these stickers and I must say I've been pleasantly surprised - this simple DIY project made the room look much more vibrant and my daughter loves the new colours on her wall.

Mun Yee C.

Thank you for creating this amazing piece and many more to come. My friends and I enjoyed this holiday season working on the puzzle masterpiece together alongside with metal music and jamming session. Can’t wait to see more of these in future!

Carmen W.

Through my experience, it is one of the toughest puzzle I have ever done. I spent 4 hours to complete it. 😅
It's challenging and fun!

Syarfa N.